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Matric Stress

I’m worried about my 17 year old, she locks her self for hours in her room, you would think she is studying but “no” she is thinking mostly, it worries me because she spend hours thinking, watching TV and listening to music as and she spend less hours studying and doesn’t show enthusiasm on herContinue reading “Matric Stress”

My country of a mess

What can I say, even I am not acute when it comes to state of the country, my country I can see,it is a mess. The economy is bad not picking up every day, Crime is high in every sphere of life it is becoming a norm. High rate of unemployment,Not a very good educationContinue reading “My country of a mess”


I WODER, AND WONDER, AND WONDER, WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP? Until a familiar victims of Gender Base Violence stands in front and peak of how they were violated and this are people you engage with everyday and you never thought that they my had experience such pain in their lives. It is unforgiveable,Continue reading “A PAIN THAT LIVES”

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