Diversity is preached and that all

We can see how much diversity can be a problem in most country especially my country South Africa. Eleven languages you can imagine how diverse we are according to Culture and beliefs and then we have foreigners to also embrace, South African citizen born South African they themselve are struggling to embrace their differences, when it comes to cultural differences, behaviour,personality failing to respect one another, some think that other Languages are seen as superior that others as the the people who uses that language. I see diversity and the use of different languages really dividing black communities in townships, people do not understand you or wo’nt easly associate with you if you are on the same tribe with them. In township it’s bad and it’s to far over before this discrimination stops you can immagine how we feel about foreigners there is no embracement at all, it’s all pretence to get what we need or want at that moment. Trust me it is real and sad

Published by bulli@247

Easy to socialise,love children,love to read and enjoys specific music and would love to start writing books

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